Saturday , September 18 2021

Anna Lewandowska has opened a cafe! What sells there and at what prices?

Anna Lewandowska does not slow down the pace. The trainer has just started with another business, thus fulfilling one of her dreams. Lewandowska opened a café connected to a store where you can buy products signed with her name. What will you buy at Heathy Store by Ann and at what price? Check.

Anna Lewandowska has opened a cafe! A coach who, after the successes of her training camps, the application, or Foods by Ann, does not settle on her laurels. Her first café connected to the store has just moved – Healthy Store by Ann. What can you buy there and at what prices? In Lewandowska coffee shop you can drink coffee, cocktails, or eat porridge. We will also buy all fit products on the spot, which Robert Lewandowski's wife has sold so far only on her website, ie bars, muesli or protein. For the 300 ml smoothies you need to pay 15 zlotys in Healthy Store by Ann, and those with a capacity of 400 ml, 17 zlotys. Coffee prices, on the other hand, range from PLN 10 to PLN 14. Anna Lewandowska's porridge costs PLN 16.

Anna Lewandowska opened a cafe

Anna Lewandowska on opening a cafe in Royal Wilanów, she informed her fans on Instagram, where she added an extensive entry and posted a report:

"I'm fulfilling my next DREAM! It implements another chosen goal and I am happy because it is the beginning of a new development direction for Foods by Ann. After months of preparation, testing of the recipes and selection of ingredients, we are happy to invite you to our healthy thresholds. In the Healthy Store you will find delicious smoothies, superfood bowls and cold pressed juices, as well as snacks and of course my foodies by Ann. You will be able to drink here tasty and fresh smoothies and my beloved bulletproof coffee "- wrote Lewandowska.

Lewandowska announced that this is the first such point, but certainly not the last. Will you visit this place?

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