Sunday , April 18 2021

A trade ban struck Biedronka. Rescue at higher prices of goods

Last year, the trading ban on Sunday lasted thirteen trading days, and even seven in the first quarter of this year – Jeronimo Martins complains in a quarterly report. Along with the later Easter holidays this year, this reduced the income of Biedronka stores by about 4-4.5 percent. – calculated.

The largest retail network in Poland explains this decline in the sales of the already active Biedronki (ie excluding the newly opened LFL), in the first quarter of 1.1 percent.

However, total sales increased by 2% thanks to the expansion of the network throughout the year from 77 stores to 2,902 affiliates. Just that the Portuguese owner is interested in selling in euros, which fell by 0.8 percent. up to 2.9 billion euros.

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However, the margin of the sold products jumped to 9 percent. from 6.7 percent a year ago. In other words, Biedronka got less cheap this way than it was a year ago.

This is allowed, despite a slight increase in revenue to increase EBITDA (of operating activities, increased by depreciation) by even 65 million euros, an increase of 260 million euros.

Biedronka completed its expansion. It's time for Hebe

It is obvious that the development of the Beadronka network ends, because in the first quarter eight were opened and six were closed. Investments in the opening of new and refreshing existing stores declined from 79 to 43 million euros year on year.

The drug chain Hebei is growing rapidly. During the year it increased by 147 stores and at the end of March there were 238. Even at this pace, catching up with Rosman, who already has over 1.3 thousand. branches in Poland, will take about seven years.

The income of a shop under similar conditions (LFL) grew by 5.4 percent. from year to year, and the entire network by 23.3 percent.
Hebe, compared to Bidronka, is still a baby. Revenues rose to 56m euros in the first quarter of 47m euros a year earlier, with 2.9bn euros in Beidrock.

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