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A meteor shower outside the Sonic System on Earth. It will be the first such case

Until now, it was believed that the first object outside our star system would come to Earth in 2017. This was a comet "Omoomoa, who for millions of years traveled through the Milky Way, to fly into the blanket of the Sonata System.

However, it turns out now that "Omoomoa may not be the first" foreign "celestial body in our system. At least let us highlight the research conducted by Harvard University scientists.

In 2014, such an object will burn in the atmosphere of the Earth

Avi Leb, head of the Harvard Institute of Astronomy University, along with his student Amir Syray, wondered how it was possible to find only one object from another star system to date. In addition, large enough – Comet 'Omamoua' had dimensions of about 40 to 400 meters.

Researchers say that probably the smaller "ready-made-of-space" could be much more. They analyzed documents about objects that fall on the Changes of the last 30 years, focusing on those who fall into our atmosphere at the highest speed.

After analyzing the data, they stated that the first object coming from the interstellar space will appear in the 2014 Dream Plan. The meteoroid had an incredible diameter of a meter and exploded about 19 kilometers above the island of Manus in Papua New Guinea. Its high rate of 216,000 km / h and flight trajectory suggest that they fly outside the Sonata system. Moreover, because it would not be related gravitatively with Juice.

Almost all objects that hit the Earth come from the Sonata system. They consist of the same materials that the Sonic System creates. These interstellar stars come from another source

– explains Loeb.

In addition to the aforementioned meteoroids, scientists at Harvard University have discovered these two other objects that moved in the Earth's atmosphere at similar speeds. The orbit of one of them, however, will be gravitational linked to Soc.

Why is it so important?

Scientists assume that similar objects on the outside can be common, but usually they are too small to be seen. We can only discover those falling into the Earth's atmosphere.

Such objects can be interesting for scientists with a knowledge base for deep space. Before a person can go outside the Sonic System, he can learn more about the cosmos by analyzing such objects.

It's like getting a message in a bottle from a distant location. We can, in fact, examine them, as if we were walking along the beach and observe the shingles we washed on the shore, we could find out what's with the ocean

– emphasizes Loeb.

Many scientists are skeptical about discovering Loeb and Syria. For now, it is not confirmed whether the discovered object actually comes from a distant cosmos. And if so, is a meteoroid one of the many objects out of our star system, or an exception to the known meteoroids, discovered?

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