Monday , February 17 2020
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Tim Liquid crafts MikeYeung to Echo Fox

The Tequisi Team sold Academic Jokerer Mike "MikeYeung" Yeung to Echo Fox announced today on Twitter.

Liquid signed MikeYeung last out of season to play on the academy list. But with the current LCS starter, Jake "Xmithie" Puchero seemingly embedded in his role, there was no obvious way for MikeYeung to return to the LCS phase.

He will have that opportunity with Echo Fox, where he will take the starting position from Lee's "Rush" Yoon-Jie. The last time MikeYeung had a full-time role in LCS was with TSM in 2018 Spring Split. But after the team suffered a difficult division, he was transferred to the team of the Academy.

MikeYeung on Twitter

Really excited to be played in LCS with @echofoxgg will show NA watsup with my high tempo, which should beat the EU as in 2017 RR ?

Echo Fox signed Rush with the intention of building the team around him, but after a surprisingly good spring split, the team regressed. In our latest rankings, the team was ranked ninth, and all summer was in one of the lower places. As part of the transaction, Rush is released and is looking for a team as a free agent.

This is a chance for both the team and the player to reset. It was not revealed what Fever got in return, as Rush was released. Another young guard of Echo Fox, James "Panda" Ding, seems to remain with the team in the role of the Academy.

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