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Street artists Pasakalye at Baguio Creative Festival 2018

The Pasakali Artists' Group does it again, this time on the media preview at the Baguio Creative Festival on November 10 at Dominican Hill. This group of artists presented their painting skills in an on-site event from 10 to 12 at noon.

While media visitors visited art installations on Dominican Hill, the 16 best local artists finished their work in two hours. The event was part of the opening day of EntaCool Baguio 2018, also known as the Baguio Creative Festival.

The Pasakala artists show us how to do it

Painting on site is sponsored by Davies Paints Philippines. Photo: Liezl F. Dunuan

Pasakalye is a group of local artists known for the street festival, which usually takes place on weekends. Thanks to the leadership of Maricar Docyogen, a local entrepreneur and owner of Bookends, a historic bookstore, the group was founded in 2016. The group's goal is to help promote the work of local artists.

Since then, members of the group have made several exhibitions and artistic events, including on-site painting sessions and pencil sketching sessions.

During this year's edition of Baguio Creative Festival, the following artists took part in this talent show: Fredi Agunoy, Ged Alangui, Julian Almirol, Roland Bay-an, Roni Cabilla, Buddy Cabrera, Mario Calub, Joseph Domirez Jr., Eric Egualada, Resty Lopez, Wigan Warren Nauyac, Gilbert Rafer, Tor Sagud, Arcely Talicuad, Willie Teves and Jonathan Villabos.

Buddy Cabrera shows us how to do it. Photo: Liezl F. Dunuan

Another veteran of Baguio, Roland Bay-an. Photo: Liezl F. Dunuan

Support for the private sector for art

As with most creative events during the festival, private sector support plays a key role in putting the image on the spot. The local paint producer, Davies Paints Philippines, has provided painting materials for Pasakalye artists.

Mrs. Kath Mendiola from Davies Paints mentioned that she has been supporting artistic initiatives in the Cordillera for a long time. It all started with the Stobos project at La Trinidad. Then they supported the installation of Tinatik Maela Jose in 2017. They also actively support the initiatives of Brigad Eskwel of the Department of Education.

Ms. Mendiola says that they are excited and very happy that they belong to the sponsors of the Baguio Creative Festival. Baguio has long been known for its artists, so they believe that such a festival will certainly flourish with such a great creativity in the city.

More information about the festival can be found on the Creative Baguio website.

Colorful works of local artists. Photo: Liezl F. Dunuan

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