Saturday , September 26 2020

Stopping drug deaths impossible – PDEA – Manila Times


The Director General of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Aaron Aquino, threw a shock absorber at Vice President Ma's plan. Leonor Robredo to stop drug-related killings, saying it will be impossible to stop the bloodshed.

Aquino, who invited Robredo to join police operations against illegal drugs, said on Sunday that the killings would continue as most drug suspects opted to hire deputies.

"There will always be victims if the intention of these narcotics offenders is to fight and you really see it, so I offered (Robredo) to join us," Aquino told reporters in an interview.

"To say that there should be no deaths during operations is impossible. It is already difficult to prevent collateral damage, especially if the drug offender uses his house as a narcotic where his family is [also] present, ”he added.

Robredo, who chaired her first meeting as co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Illicit Drugs (IFAD) on Friday, pledged to end drug-related killings.

She also cited the need to re-examine Allan Tohang, saying it was a war "against the poor".

"I think it is our duty to change our thinking. It is probably time to consider switching to something that is effective and no one is killed senselessly, "she said.

The PDEA chief, however, said he saw no problem with Oplan Tohang and clarified that the program should not automatically be linked to deaths or homicides.

"Why should we remove Tohang? Tohang [is a good program]. Only there are some who say that Tohang immediately means death and that is no, "he said.

Aquino added that the PDEA had purchased 250 body cameras and had been distributed to the agency's regional offices "to show that there were no divisions" during the actual fieldwork.

According to the PDEA chief, his invitation to Roberto to attend anti-drug operations will allow him to see lawmakers put their lives on the line.

He has vowed to protect the Vice President if she participates in drug operations.

"We will not allow the Vice President to join our entry team [in the target areas]. I won't do that. I have been with the Presidential Security Group for eight years, I have provided it [former president] Corey Aquino, I provided Fidel Ramos and I know how to provide [vice] president, "he said.

"During real life operations, we should be at a distance where there should be a safe place for the vice president and after [target] the place is secured, we will investigate it and hopefully there will be a firefighter so that the vice president can really see what is going on, "Akino added.

Robredo said she was ready to enter the operation if law enforcement officers thought her presence would not be a nuisance.

“Will, challenge and challenge. Pero jiang as akin, ang mahalag, ano ba yang witchcraft implementation result? Hindu Kung Blue Yong Nandun (We're not retreating from any challenge. But for me, what matters is the outcome of the surgery), "she said.

"Kung tingin nila hindi ako makaka-istorbo, I would be glad to be there (If they think I will not cause disturbance, I would be glad to be there)," she added.

But the Philippine National Police-Drug Enforcement Group (PNP-DEG) said there was no need for the Vice President to join anti-drug operations.

Colonel Alex de la Cerna, Deputy Chief of Operations of the DEG, noted that as IFAD Vice President Roberto should only be concerned with policy making.

"No need [for Robredo to join the operations]unless there is a specific instruction coming from the PNP chief and [President Rodrigo Duterte]"He said in a radio interview.

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