Friday , June 18 2021

Ronda Rousey discovers what it was like when she got her first chair

Ronda Rousey made preliminary questions about the Survivor Series on her website and was asked about her match in Survivor Series against Charlotte Flair.

"If it were my absolute preferences, I would choose more experience and more developed in the ring before I have the opportunity to share it with someone like Charlotte Flair, but there are occasions when they will come, I'm ready to take advantage of it. crazy things. "

Rousey was also asked about what it was like this week when RAW received her first chair at WWE from Becky Lynch:

"It was so cool, it was really great, it was really nice to get my first chair, I was almost honored that in this environment I could be my first chair."

On the subject of chairs, Rousey also added:

"I can, as it is a slippery slope, to become addicted to this kind of thing. I can take more than 2 (laugh). You know, it's like this when it's too much? I'm an envelope pusher, so it's probably not a good Pandora's box to open up for me.

Ronda Rousey meets on Sunday with Charlotte Flair on the Survivor Series. You can check the full conversation below:

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