Saturday , October 16 2021

Problems with overheating Google Pixel 3 disable some phones

Google's pixel 3 has seen quite a few problems since its launch on October 18, including problems with image storage, memory management problems and the appearance of a terrifying second degree.

Now we can add another confusion: the overheating problem causes the latest model of Google & # 39; to completely shut down during charging, as reported by 9to5Google.

Many users on the Reddit, Pixel User forums and in social media have reported this issue, stating that the overheating problem is apparently triggered when the phone performs the task while charging.

Heating included

First, users receive a notification saying that "The phone is warming up" and that some functions will be "restricted when the phone cools down", after which a significant slowdown in charging will occur.

If the problem is not solved by itself, the phone will be switched off completely and after restarting the message "Phone switched off due to heat" will appear.

Based on user submissions, the problem seems to occur regardless of whether Pixel 3 is loaded onto the Pixel Stand, a third-party wireless charger or a USB C-type cable.

Google still has to make a statement on this matter, but we expect the firmware upgrade will eventually solve the problem. Currently, the only solution to the problem of overheating seems to be a replacement telephone.

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