Friday , June 18 2021

MLS: Singapore's Amir Khan predicts "historic victory" for the upcoming ONE Championship easy title round

Singapore: Mixed Martial arts exponent (AMM) Amir Khan is a big fan of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. And as his idol, Kahn has the habit of predicting how many rounds he will take to defeat his opponent.

Khan boldly argued that the fight against Filipino veteran Eduard Follaugh would not last more than 15 minutes.

"I feel that I can finish it in three laps," Kahn said in a telephone interview with Channel NewsAsia on Wednesday (21 November).

He has a strategy mapped for a round Friday night in Manila, which he described as "the greatest of his life."

"For this fight, I have to be very careful. To be very patient, feel the cage, immediately press it, wait for errors and use it immediately" – added the 24-year-old.

The victory of the progress will be made by Singapore's ONE ONE SPECIAL easy (up to 77 kg) title holder.

But he was missed with his record of 11 wins and three losses in comparison to the Folayang record of 20 wins and six losses. The 33-year-old Filipino also has the support of the expected 15,000 domestic audience.

"I can understand why people make a favorite, and the home crowd cheers for him and everyone. But for me, if I win, it's not annoyed," said Kang.

"I really do not care if they are cheering on me, or against me, because once I'm in the cage, I will zone." I think winning the audience is a fair game. "If I show that I can compete, everyone will cheer me up "he said confidently.

Kahn is aware that if he wins Folayang on Friday, he will be the first Singapore citizen to win the MMA world title under the ONE championship flag.

Atleta Lee fights against the Singapore flag, but she is a Canadian citizen based in Hawaii.

"I am very proud to represent Singapore, but I feel like I win, I will be the first of many champions coming from there," said Khan, who wants to become the Joseph Mills School of Management.

"I want to show everyone that it is an opportunity to become a world champion, even with training and training from Singapore," he added.

At a press conference in the ONE Championship on Tuesday, Folayang, who is a former world champion, paid tribute to Cannes as a "great young martial artist".

"He showed a huge increase from his first Open Game. I can not underestimate him because he is younger than me," Follajang said.

Folayang is known for his kicks and strikes, but Han believes that his frame will give him an edge in the meeting.

"I am about 7 cm taller … so I think it will be hard for him to reach me. Because his strength is lateral kicks, kicks spins, but it will not be easy for him to follow all his attacks." he will feel uncomfortable, because of my height and range, and he will have to adjust to it, "said Khan.

Khan is convinced that despite the lack of experience, he has a good opportunity to make history for Singapore.

"In my MMA route over the last decade, I was perfectly aligned. I was a purely Moai Thai fighter, but now I am rounded up, and therefore I have this chance to fight for the title in the world," he said.

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