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Locin started explosive charging in the Sanchez case

Amid public outcry over the prospect of Antonio Sanchez's release, Foreign Secretary Ted Locin Junior said the government should not spend the political capital it has earned over the years by allowing the convicted killer and rapist to go free. Andrea Verdeli / Pool Photography via AP / File

MANILA – If Foreign Secretary Theodoro Lacin Junior has his way, rapist Antonio Sánchez must pay for his crimes with his life.

"He will not be the first to be shot in pieces behind bars. There is no loss, no regrets, nothing, "he wrote on Twitter, responding to Senator Ronald" Bato "Della Rosa's statement that he should have the former mayor of the Kalauan city sentenced to death.

"People today talk a lot about murder, but no one kills when the killing is to be done. Ф ****** fairies. Everybody's talking. "

Amid public protests over Sanchez's alleged release, Loxin said the government should not spend the political capital it has built up over the years for Sanchez.

"We are not throwing the hitherto unseen gigantic political capital of 2 landslide electoral victories – necessary for major reforms – for this painful cartoon of Hijo de p ***. Period, "he said.

Loxin had previously said the law and the Supreme Court were not in the right to allow Sanchez to be released, a development that points to a new rule to reduce sentences based on good behavior in prison.

"He got 7 sentences. The true law of favoring a convict has a retrospective effect on the sentence. That saves him from having to complete 1 of 7 life sentences. He's got 6 to go or 200 more years, ”he said.

The Bureau of Correction (Bukor) said Sanchez would no longer be eligible for early release Thursday.

Sanchez could be disqualified from the Good Conduct and Time Compensation (GCTA) rule after seizing some P1.5m worth of illegal drugs in his cell in 2010, Bucor added.

Bukor director Nicanor Sheldon said Sanchez is likely to walk freely among thousands of prisoners because of a new law that increases retroactive rulings on the GKTA and the Supreme Court (SC).

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