Friday , January 22 2021

Is Modular Mac Pro Doomed?

Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro will bring Apple bags.
Photo: Erfon Ilija

Nearly two years ago, Apple has promised pro users that they are fully upgrading Mac Pro. Apple praised what made it a modular system that would be needed for flexibility professionals. With the WWDC 2019 on the horizon, our first look at the modular Mac Pro can be less than two months, but CultCast host Erfon Ilia is ready to cut your hopes of getting a new sleep engine this year.

In its latest video, Erfon surpasses all the reasons why the modular Mac Pro sounds unbelievably in theory, but it can be a giant mud. From the design it it looks like some iHOP flapjacks appreciate prices, there's some good evidence to be skeptical about the new machine, especially when you review Apple's recent record with its ProPost machines.

Watch Erfon countdown reasons why the next Mac Pro might collapse:

If you think that Erfon has spread his concerns proportionally, please distribute his comments to YouTube.

A recent report claimed that Apple is already trying to review the new Mac Pro along with macOS 15 and iOS 13 in WWDC 2019. We hope this would mean that the machine is almost ready for production. The last thing Apple fans want is a fiasco of the size of AirPower.

Apple did not say much about the modular Mac Pro from April 2017. Phil Schiller told reporters that the company is working on a modular system that can be updated after new chips come out. One of the biggest complaints about Apple machines is that the company needs years to update.

"We think it's really important to create something great for our customers who want the Mac Pro modular system," Schiller said, emphasizing that the company will need some time to pull. "They invest so much in Mac, we want to support them, and we care deeply about them."

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