Saturday , September 18 2021

Bunje: Promoting Intellectual Property Business Globally

The Philippine Board of Directors Licensing Association (LESP) and the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPOPHL) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding, formalizing the long-standing relationship and cooperation that LESP hopes will last for years to come.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, LESP and IPOFL, among others, will jointly organize a certification course or advanced learning program for licensing intellectual property rights in the Philippines.

The signing memorandum, signed on the occasion of the annual general assembly of the LESP, was signed by Ati. Bienvenido A. Marquez III, current President of LESP and Director General of IPOHL, Rowell A. Barba, and Ati testified. Patricia AO Bunje, former President of LESP and the International Licensing Association (LESI).

“The LES mission can be summed up in its headline: ‘Advancing Global Intellectual Property Business,'” Bunje said. “Certainly, by cooperating and supporting IPOPHL, LESP not only promotes the IP business, but also contributes to a larger national IP development agenda.”

IPOPHL is very proactive in pandemic, bringing its operations and procedures to the Internet. Almost no disruptions and its stakeholders are able to transact via email and the IPOPHL website.

Bunie (daughter of this writer) recently received the LESI Achievement Award. LESI is made up of 33 national and regional associations of intellectual property professionals dedicated to promoting the intellectual property business globally.

She was the president of LESI in 2016-2017, the first Filipino, the first Southeast Asia and only the third woman to hold the post. Bunje is a senior partner, head of mining and natural resources and energy practice groups, and deputy managing partner of the leading law firm Cruz, Marcelo and Tenefrancia.

She is involved in another professional organization (Diva-Women in Resource Development, whose president was the founder), where one of their leading projects is to help Indigenous women.

The diva sent indigenous women (from the Aeta tribe to Tarlac, Central Luzon) to a barefoot college in India to become “solar engineers”. They learned to assemble, maintain and repair solar panels, which they installed in their community. The project also includes teaching them about financial literacy and livelihood programs.

Heard (and saw) on Ayala Avenue

“Although we have gone through many months of challenges, we feel it is important to continue to celebrate some of our cherished traditions as a community … (The slogan is) a deep Filipino sign of faith and, in particular, hope. “Through these simple ornaments that signify renewal and optimism, we hope to continue to bring much joy and wonder to our community.” – Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Vice President of the Ayala Corporation – on the occasion of the Christmas lighting of Ayala Avenue, November 16, 2020.

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