Monday , May 17 2021

Beach the wedding piece I strive to have

I do not have a wedding fever, but I'm still a person looking at bridal wear and thoughts: "I'd like to wear it." Dreams in my head will change from white lace to blush; from traditional to unexpected designed choices. Options are endless. Thank you for the kindness that I still do not plan my wedding.

When Chanel presented her collection Haute Couture Spring 2019, the participants – and later the netizens – spoke about the icon bride. But instead of a sleek dress, the model wore a piece of swimsuit and a swimsuit that has a veil of length from the cathedral.

If you did not know, the fashion house is known for sending supermodels into fashion brides along the track. According to W Magazine, they are usually contemplated by Carl Lagerfeld. The wedding dresses in the past usually discourage what we are accustomed to seeing. One looked like a garment of nuns; another was a superb and sleek ensemble with a clean cloth; and others go over-the-top with huge details and dazzling designs.

This version of the bathing suit is different and ingenious. Imagine all the perks of this when you wear this on the day of your wedding.

You do not have to think about getting a long lady dress for your beach or poolside wedding. Wear a bathing suit, go along the track, and after the ceremony you can swim to the contents of the heart. Heck, you can even ask your guests and escorts to look pleasant in their swimwear.

But if you do not want to go down the path in a swimsuit, you can use a skirt skirt. There may be a tropical imprint or plain white color for a traditional feeling. You can do it and order it!

Of course, it also does not have to be as glossy as Chanel swimsuit. You can use this as a reference for that style you wants.

How would you stylize this unique bridal wear?

Photo from Ustram account of Vitoria Chereti

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