Sunday , October 24 2021

What is polycystic ovary syndrome?


TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- In recent years, we hear more and more that hundreds of young girls are presented with polycystic ovary syndrome, which, if treated at the right time, can not cause any problem for women.

It's bad, it causes women to have very high levels of hormones that can generate many health problems, including irregularities in menstruation, infertility, acne, hair growth, obesity and a significant number of cysts in the ovaries

To this day, the real reasons that cause this disease are unknown, but genetic and environmental factors are related.

Some studies also concern polycystic ovaries with high insulin production. It is also said that if someone in your family is suffering, it is very likely that you can develop it.

If a girl is overweight, she will certainly be asked to lose weight in a healthy way, losing those extra pounds can greatly help her illness.

Another option is oral contraceptives, which also help control acne and hair growth.

Metformin, which is a diabetes-controlling medicine, is another alternative that a gynecologist could use to lower the level of insulin in the blood.

They can also prescribe hormones to increase fertility.

It is important that every girl who has sex or already had her first menstrual period visits the doctor at least once a year to detect any irregularities in time.

In the same way it is very important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

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