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We recommend physical activity and good nutrition to fight high blood pressure Industry

Sedentary lifestyle, overweight, overweight, alcohol consumption, smoking and excessive salt intake are some of the risk factors that can cause chronic illnesses, such as high blood pressure, a specialist in the Ministry of Health (Minnesota).

According to Demographic and Family Health Survey (ENDES) survey 2016, in Peru, 4 million people over the age of 15 have high blood pressure, which means 17.6% of this population.

Lourdes del Rosio Carrera Acosta, a member of the technical team at the Department for the Prevention and Control of Non-Infectious, Rare and Orphan Diseases (DENOT) from Minnesota, said it was important to lead healthy lifestyles to reduce and control the risk of high blood pressure, therefore it recommends physical activity and healthy eating.

He said there is evidence that patients manage to control their hypertension following a comprehensive treatment that includes non-pharmacological measures, focused on changing lifestyles and maintaining a healthy, low-sodium diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

"As well as the pharmacological achievements with the appropriate antihypertensive drug, the continued monitoring of blood pressure values, the assessment of organ damage such as the heart and kidney," Carrera said.

However, he said it was important to strengthen these habits with walks and exercises (an average of 150 minutes per week), because constant physical activity helps to get a healthier life.

He also explained that people over 18 years of age with risk factors, such as overweight, obesity and family history, should measure blood pressure at least once a year. While those who already have a diagnosis need to be monitored monthly.

Every World Day of Hypertension is celebrated every May 17th, a date that seeks to raise awareness among the population to take measures to prevent this disease and promote healthy culture.

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