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Vinculan a vitamin E acetato con males por vapear

NUEVA YORK (AP) – Authorities have announced plans to make a sustained advance in investigating the cause of a mysterious epidemic of relapses into the vapor, affirming their "definitive culpability": vitamin E supplementation .

The computationally detailed search for fluids in the pulmonary artery of 29 patients to date indicates the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, but no evidence available). Vitamin E acetate is available in liquid cigarillos electronics and other disposable steam devices, but most of them are available.

This is the primary precursor to having a sospechoso in the pulmonary artery from patients, evaluating the authorizations.

"Estamos en maxi posición de respecta de a culpable muy de definite," said Anne Schuchat, de los CDC.

There are embargoes that the agency advises that you do not have to worry about any toxicosis, and that you do not have realistic animal studies to sample vitamin E acetylation of the pulmonary artery.

More than 2,000 estadounidenses that vape are infused with marzo, many adolescent and adult adolescents. The mayoras of los casos are provided in agosto y septiembre, to ensure that they report.

Vitamin E acetate is a recipe used to make a special liquid in the vapor, especially in the cartilage that is in place in the negative. The vitamin E segura se toma en capsulas or unta sobre la piel, pero inhalar unas pocas gotas puede ser dañino. The Jim Pirkle doctor of the CDC compares the miel; es pegajosa y permanece en los pulmones.

Only in New York, the state of New York has the benefit of vitamin acetate supplementation, and the laboratory has been able to produce a range of products that may be used by infective patients. In algunos casos, there is a lot of liquidity in the cartuchos.

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