Friday , June 18 2021

Tula Rodriguez is bankrupt by Javier Carmona: "I do not see the moment when he is with us again"

Tula Rodriguez celebrated 11 years of ties with her husband last weekend Javier Carmona in the middle of a difficult moment, because he remains hospitalized after a heart attack.

However, the date caused the TV host to remember the best moments with his father's father Valentina, whom he said "I will marry again and have the same thing, all that".

"We have learned together, we know each other, we spend time together, we know how to make progress, he is always aware of us," he said. Tula Rodriguez to "America shows".

Full of hope, remembering every moment with Javier Carmona, Tula Rodriguez further said: "I'm dying for him, I really love him so much that I do not see the moment that is here with us"


At one point in the interview, Tula Rodriguez admits that marriage is not easy. "There are good moments, low moments, but if I could understand these 11 years, it's 11 years in which my husband made me happy."

Rodriguez found that the day he married Javier Carmona, he also put a ring on his daughter Valentina. "We always remember her and tell me" I also got married to my dad "".

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