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Transfer almost S / 29 million to 8 regions of the country to begin reconstruction work


ERP Arrangement for Reconstruction with Change (ARCC) managed the transfer of S / 28.7 million to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and 19 voivodship and poviat municipalities in 8 regions of the country for 48 reconstruction works.

According to the Supreme Decree No. 257-2018-EF, published yesterday in legal regulations, the funds will finance interventions in La Libertad, Piura, Ayacucho, Lima, Ancash, Cajamarca, Lambayeque and Huancavelica.

13 works will be financed for the reconstruction of tracks and pavements, 12 neighboring roads, 10 sanitary works, 3 bridges, 3 pontoons and 2 schools. In addition, over S / 1.5 million have been transferred to finance 5 rehabilitation interventions for irrigation channels in Lima and Lambayeque.

The municipalities of La Libertad will receive over 11 million pounds for 11 interventions. The Salpo district will have over S / 4 million for the rehabilitation of 20 kilometers of the Empalme PE 10A neighborhood road – Salpo, San Miguel and Plazapampa.

Similarly, more than S / 2 million have been allocated to the municipality of Angasmarca to execute two roads of Angasmarca – Tambo Pampamarca and Totoropampa – Huacascorral.

The district of Laredo, in the province of Trujillo, will be responsible for over S / 1.5 million for the rehabilitation of 3 neighboring roads Empalme PE – 10A – Centro Poblado de Barraza; Laredo – San Carlos – Laredo district and LI connection – 640 – Sector Las Cocas – Jesús María.

The district of Mollepata will receive more than S / 900,000 for the recovery of the 5 km neighboring road Empalme P3N – Cruz del Alto – La Yeguada – Huarana, while the district Chócope, in the province of Ascope, will make 2 tracks and trails in the city center, for which S / 830,000 will be allocated .

The provincial district of Julcan will be transferred over S / 800,000 to improve the neighborhood road, while the Santiago de Cao district will improve the Institute of Initial Education No. 255 Mi Cielito Azul with the city center of Santiago de Cao,

Piura region

Piura regions will receive more than 9 million pounds to finance 5 works. In Sullana, the municipality of Ignacio Escudero will receive over S / 5.4 million for the reconstruction of tracks and sidewalks of various parts of the city.

The Tambo Grande commune will rehabilitate the tracks and belts of the human settlement Andrés Rázuri, for which S / 1.8 million have been transferred. The provincial municipality of Morropón was transferred approximately S / 1.2 million for improving I.E. No. 14616 – Sabina Cueva Castillo, located in the district of Chulucanas.

Ayacucho region

Through the highest decree, the Ayacucho region will receive more than S / 2.6 million. Thus, the district commune of Paras, in the province of Cangallo in the region of Ayacucho, will receive S / 1.4 million for the implementation of 10 rural sanitation projects and the work of paths and sidewalks.

The province of Sucre will receive approximately S / 1.3 million for the start of renovation of the R-510 Chuchaucruz – Huicse – Santa Rosa de Huanchos Junction, in the Querobamba district.

In Lima, the district of Santo Domingo de Olleros, located in the province of Huarochirí, will receive about S / 1.5 million for road construction in the city of Piedra Grande.

In Ancash, Huayllán district, in the Pomabamba province, more than S / 1.3 million out of 7 interventions will be moved, including 3 pontoons, 2 bridges, 1 neighborhood road and work with tracks and routes.

The approval approved today will allow the Cajamarca region to start implementing 6 reconstruction works.

In the Cajamarca region over the municipality of Hualgayoc received over S / 560,000 for the implementation of 4 track interventions and paths. Over S / 180,000 for the repair of the bridge and the Chetilla district, close to S / 90,000, delivered to the Llapa district for the reconstruction of several sections of roads.

Finally, to the San Juan district, located in the province of Castrovirreyna in the Huancavelica region, over S / 190,000 will be transferred to the restoration of the city's runways.

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