Tuesday , September 21 2021

TickTock | Hilarious sexual health campaign goes viral on TickTock [VIDEO] | PERU

A sexual health campaign conducted by the Messones Muro Health Center in Fereschafe Province, in Lambajka, went viral on the social network TickTock for a funny presentation.

In order to sensitize the population to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), a group of medical staff from the aforementioned health center interpreted a sketch of the importance of using condoms to prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS.

Entitled “Say No to HIV,” the video shows healthcare staff disguised as male and female genitals along with the AIDS virus accompanying the hilarious scene. At one point in the video, a huge condom appears to solve the problem, down to the beat of Omega’s “Pegao / Me Miro and La Mire” headline.

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This strange initiative won first place in the TickTock competition for STI / HIV-AIDS prevention organized by the Regional Health Management – Lambayek.

“To be part of the change. “Use a condom, get tested, follow the treatment,” was the message that could be read on the poster that the nurses held at the end of TickTock.

In just a few minutes, the post on the social network TikTok went viral and received congratulations from Internet users, who recognized the creativity and initiative. Even on the Facebook account of the Regional Health Management – Lambike already has over 100 thousand reactions and 7 thousand reproductions.


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