Wednesday , January 27 2021

They use neurostimulation to treat epileptic seizures

Scientists have confirmed that the use of sensitive neurosimulation (RNS) in the treatment of epilepsy helps detect seizures and intervention by electric shock, according to JAMA Neurology.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh University suggest that using this technique can restructure the brain to make it less susceptible to seizures.

Hence, the 11 patients who participated in the study commented on reducing the frequency of these events after the expiry of the time after using RNS.

The investigation included recording a reference activity of the brain over a month to characterize the patterns of individual crises of a person, then the information collected in the stimulator training was used to guarantee his automatic response to the seizure as it happens.

The theory of scientists is that stimulation changes brain networks – those that connect neurons – so that electric sounds can not be propagated in the neuroscience epicenter in a complete attack.

They found that with the experience of fewer attacks, patients showed a progressive reduction in the hypersynchronous spontaneous brain activity, starting two months after the stimulator was first switched on.

Experts hope this type of brain activity analysis will provide faster feedback during the trial and error process of adjusting the parameters so that patients can first see the long-term benefits of sensitive neurostimulation.

"Our next step is to incorporate what we learned into a formal line of analysis that could allow us to predict in the future which patients respond before they can inform us clinically," said Mark Richardson, research leader.

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