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PHOTO: The rain of persecution at its peak

The annual perseids meteor shower illuminates the night sky this Monday. The piercings are traces of remnants of the Swift-Tutle comet that burn when they enter our atmosphere.

That celestial body is a ball of ice dust that orbits the Sun every 133 years. Every year the Earth passes through the dust and debris left by the comet, creating the most popular meteor shower in the year.

This year, the meteor shower began on July 17, with peaks on the evening of August 12 and the first hours on August 13.

Despite being one of the best meteor showers of the year, this 2019 peak will coincide with the full moon, reducing meteor rates from more than 60 mph to 15-20 mph, NASA warns.

"All of the rain-related meteorites have similar orbits and they all appear to come from the same place in the sky, called the radiation. The meteor showers take their name from the location of the radiation. which also clarifies that no special equipment is needed to enjoy this spectacular phenomenon.

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