Sunday , April 11 2021

PDK: Prosecutor's Office Rejects Its Preventive Detention Motion Against Former President Pedro Pablo Kuchinsky | The Case of Pravda TV | Politics

Minutes from the start of a 36-month prison sentence ban by the former president Pedro Pablo Kuchinsky (PPK), the Prosecutor announced that he was withdrawing his position and proposed that the restrictive measure be changed by house arrest.

Before the First Criminal Council on Anti-Corruption Complaints, prosecutor Ernand Mendoza Salvador asked judges to assess the evidence and health of Kuchinsky and demanded the presence of doctors from the clinic where the former president was hospitalized. He also raised 100,000 feet of bail.

After hearing the arguments of the public ministry and Cesar Nasakaki, attorney at law PPC, the court suspended the hearing to think and make a decision.

On Thursday evening, it was known that former President Pedro Pablo Kuchinsky (PPC) suffers from chronic atrial fibrillation with a potential risk of sudden death, according to a medical report from the Anglo-American clinic.

►PPK: The medical report guarantees that the former president poses a risk of sudden death

►Deleted: Jorge Barata confirmed the contributions to election campaigns in Peru

The court also analyzes the appeal filed by the prosecution against the limited appearance of Gloria Kisic and Jose Luis Bernaroso Suflo.

Last Monday, Caesar Punishment, a lawyer at Kuchinsky, filed an appeal, so that the measure of preventive detention for 36 months was pronounced against the former head of state in the case Odebrecht, to be revoked.

The court is headed by Judge Juan Guillermo Piscoia and is composed of judges Victor Enriquez Sumeride and Antonio Angulo Morales.

– The words for Barata do not have legal use –

On the other hand, Punishment ruled the recent statements of the former director of Odebrecht in Peru, Jorge Barata, who ratified the $ 300,000 campaign Pedro Pablo Kuchinsky in 2011.

The former director reminded that the delivery was not made directly with the former president, but with the businessman Suzana de la Pouente.

"We will wait for the official statements he has given," he said.

He stressed that, in his case, the defense of Kuchinsky she was not called for any recommendation of the Baratha, "so every statement given will need to be repeated with attending lawyers."

"There is no legal tool that a person declares in an investigation that does not have a defender. It only serves people who are exploring with current defense," he noted.

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