Sunday , October 24 2021

Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch is still in the air


At least at Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch's idea for the Nintendo Switch is assessed in a more open way. This is according to its director, Jeff Kaplan.

Now Blizzard Entertainment already has a game on the home / portable console Nintendo, The point is Diablo III: Eternal CollectionBut many system owners think that sooner or later they will see the title of this company in this title. What I mean? What for Overwatch for Nintendo switch, This opportunity has been taken time and again, but has not materialized so far.

However, there are positive signs in this respect. During the passage BlizzCon 2018 an interview was conducted Jeff Kaplan, director OverwatchDuring this they asked him how it is feasible to see this title on the platform Nintendoand if by chance they have explored this idea. They even asked him if it would work. In this sense, this creation was very bright.

"Our philosophy has always been that we want to make the most players enjoy Overwatch"commented adding "We want to reach as many people as possible, we will always explore the platform if we think we can implement it, both in terms of technology and commercial relationships."In this part he said "We would like to do it"Do they have plans yet? Overwatch for Nintendo switch?

But then he mentioned the typical "We have nothing to announce, and some of Nintendo or Switch for now, but …"Before he finished speaking, he interrupted the question again "Is it possible?", After hearing this, Priest He said "This is something that we are very open about", This can be interpreted in a different way. It may not be in the development phase, but it has already been considered and later Diablo III.

Is it possible that we can see Overwatch for Nintendo switch? Bearing in mind that there is already a similar title on the console and I mean Paladin: Masters of the Kingdom, I think it's possible. At least when it comes to adapting their gameplay. As for the graphic section, it will only be seen. But at least I think that more than before, there are many possibilities that this game comes out of Switch.

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