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Nasa administrator fines Elon Musk for "realistic costs and times" for Crew Dragon project

At a joint press conference this week, NASA Administrator Jimen Bridensten criticized Spice CEO Elon Musk for breaks deadlines to develop the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

"As a NASA administrator, I was focused returning to realism in terms of cost and time. Many of our programs do not meet their costs and plans. This has happened over time, and many of these programs have, you know, five years, ten years […] I told not only SpaceX but all of our performers that we needed more realism in the development deadlines, "he said.

Already before and through tweet, Bridenstein complains that the program "Commercial crew" ("Commercial crew") "Late years". This is a project aimed at restoring US capacity. to send astronauts into Earth's orbit from their territory and into national production rockets. NASA is currently sending its crews to the International Space Station (EEI) on a Russian Alliance rocket, which costs $ 85m per spot.

During a news conference Thursday, Musk mentioned failing to finance the Crane Dragon project, which is in the final stages of development. In addition, he assured his company already gone "beyond expected".

"I think that NASA's requirements for the" Commercial Crew "have been substantially reduced by Congress for several years, I think in some cases by 50%. So that's pretty much it it is difficult to meet the schedule if you only have half the money"Musk said.

However, the two officials said their association was to bring astronauts into space from US soil. continue and can be realized by early 2020.

"Elon and I fully agree on this: that the only thing we have in development and that is our top priority is to launch American astronauts on American rockets from an American country," Bridenstein said.

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