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Moisés Mamani: the keys to the case of alleged unnecessary touching Policy

congressman Moisés Mamani (Fuerza Popular) it was ordered to blow up a plane with Latam Airlines, which last Wednesday was going to travel from Juliaca (Puno) to Lima. Reason? Having committed the alleged improper touch of a Brazilian citizen crew member.

Two days later, the incident triggered statements by spokespersons and congressmen from its membership, the chairman of the ethics committee, and even the prosecutor's office. The latter as a result of reports of police intervention initiated by the victim in the commissariat of Jorge Chávez International Airport.

As you know, Mamani was a congressman who recorded interviews that took into account the alleged negotiations to avoid the vacancy of former President Pedro Pablo Kuczyński (PPK). The case became known as "Mamani movies".

In connection with the alleged unnecessary alleged interference, the Peruvian National Police (PNP) and Public Prosecutor's Office have already begun investigations. Review the case keys here.

– The airline is pronounced-
Initially, the video was disseminated via social networks in which crew members were observed to exhort the legislator to leave the ship. Several versions even indicated that he was a drunkard.

But on Thursday night, I issued a statement confirming that Puno's parliamentary representative had been blown out of the ship by the captain's order "after receiving the report of the head of the improper touch of the cabin" from Congressman Mamani. In addition, he indicated that he had reported this to the competent authorities.

– The bank announces actions
After the Latam airline statement, Fuerza Popular spokesman Carlos Tubino said he would call the club no later than Tuesday to create a disciplinary committee to deal with the matter. He stipulated that if it was proven, the most serious sanction would be to separate the group.

Several congressmen from the bench also talked about it on Twitter. Rsula Letona expressed her support for Tubino's decision, as did Juan Carlos del Águila. "I refuse any behavior that offends women," said Karl Schaefer. Miguel Torres asked for a quick explanation of what had happened.

-Research in the Ethics Committee-
The president of the Ethics Committee, Janet Sanchez (Peruvians from Kambio), said that on Monday she would ask the group that presides over the initiation of the preliminary investigation against Congressman Mamani.

This decision was supported by the chairman of the Congress, Daniel Salaverry, who appealed to the group to complete the investigation as soon as possible. "I am calling on members of the Ethics Committee to end these investigations within a few days and to find responsibility, they have been drastically punished," he said.

-Peace of Peruvian Women Parliamentary-
For his part, the chairman of the Office of Women Parliamentarians from Peru, Alejandra Aramayo (Fuerza Popular), issued a statement through Twitter, demanding his colleague from the bench Moisés Mamani pronounce "in good time" for a complaint made by a Latam airline employee.

In the text of a group of women in Congress, this adhortation was repeated so that the parliamentarian would respond to this accusation, because "it is obliged to show the highest values ​​for coexistence and respect for women".

– The people's denunciation asks you to look into the matter
The Office of the Ombudsman also joined the request for clarification and demanded that the prosecutor of the nation, Pedro Chávarry, launch an investigation against Congressman Mojami Mamani.

Through the Twitter account, the Office of the Ombudsman noted that in accordance with art. 176 of the Criminal Code improper touch is a crime for which the penalty of imprisonment is 3 to 6 years.

– The Ministry of Women condemns the act
The Ministry of Women and Weep Social Groups (MIMP) also ruled on a general complaint and described any possible harassment as possible.

"We condemn all cases of harassment, regardless of who comes in. Improper touching is a crime, it must be reported, investigated and punished Gender equality is respect – he said in a Twitter message.

-Agraviada condemned Mamani to PNP
The wounded worker reported to Mamani on November 14 at the police station of the International Airport Jorge Chavez.

As the police pointed out, the congressman would touch "buttocks in a grotesque way" for a Brazilian-born stewardess who said she was the victim of acts of humbleness by the legislator Fujimorista on the plane.

-Fiscalía begins the initial investigation
The prosecutor's office announced that the eight provincial district attorney at Callao would investigate the alleged wrong touch to explain what had happened.

"Congressman [Moisés Mamani] will be initially examined by the prosecutor's office, because it is a crime that would not have been committed in the performance of a parliamentary function, "the subject said.

– Remove excessive touching –
Congressman Moisés Mamani denied, in dialogue with Canal N, that he had been removed from the plane due to an improper touch and stated that due to his "health" he was the last passenger who boarded the plane.

Mamani also rejected that he was drunk when he got on the plane. "I'm diabetic and I do not drink any kind of alcohol," he said.

Earlier, on his Twitter account, Mamani said he had been decompensated because of diabetes and had to suspend his trip to Lima.

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