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Mercedes Arioz: Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez "politicizes justice"

The Vice President of the Republic, Mercedes Arioscriticized the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez requesting the judiciary to change the measure of house arrest to preventive detention for the former president Pedro Pablo Kucinski (PKK), investigated by the case Obedience. "He politicizes justice," he said in an interview with the program Nothing is said from RPP.

The member 's request Lava Chateau Special Case Team He points out that the former head of state would violate the rules of conduct of visitors to his home. "Peruvians support everything and we will visit our friends and family who are in a situation like Kucinski because it shows how human quality is. And that man has already crossed that line of humanity. And that's really terrible. " , commented the former head of the Council of Ministers.

Mercedes Arios He explained that he had a "long-standing friendship" with PKK and he even sees it as a father. "I have a personal love affair, as I leave it at a time when he is really ill. I think it's unfair that[[[[Jose Domingo Perez]do with it, "he said.

"Pedro Pablo Kucinski he has high blood pressure, and the possibility that his heart is pumping out is unrealistic. I was swollen last time I saw him, "the Vice President of the Republic added.

Ex-president faces home detention at home for health reasons as he investigates Special Lava Chateau team on deals signed with Brazilian multinational Obedience when he was minister in the government of Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006) and the alleged contributions to his election campaign.

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