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Medicare vouchers in Hospital Goyeneche and Red De Salud Arequipa Caylloma | Noticias

19:06 | Arequipa, set. 25.

Medications and instrumental surgeries, such as medical implementations in the home, provide permanent operations and services in the hospitals of the Goyeneche Hospital and in the Red De Salud Arequipa Caylloma.

Take a look at Salud's regional guide, Carlos Cuya Mamani, with the presentation of Delito's Fiscal Prevention, Esther de Amat de Loza, Controller General of the Republic and National Police, at the Hospital Goyeneche se encontró más of 10 tonnes of quiriceps and medical devices, with probabilities of more than 7 años.

That includes abandoning Swedish royals, camels, guantas, algodones, alcohol and medicines that do not fare unilaterally at the service of the nosocomial citadel.

The director of the Goyeneche Hospital, Christian Nova Palomino, is responsible for anterior gestation of malas conditions of material and instrumental hallados.

But in part, the Red Deer Salud Arequipa Caylloma tends to come down on a variety of limbic artifacts, deteriorated hair, contaminated skin, deformed skin.

The regional vice-governor of Arequipa, Walter Gutiérrez Cueva, says that these operations are likely to prevent the regional governor of Salud from authorizing the regional governor, who has been the target of corruption and housing in hospitals for many years. a la transport, anotó.

"It is not possible to find a portable device that does not allow you to access the regional or central database without any additional information", puntualizó.

In order to prevent unnecessary interruptions in the operation of the irregularities, the procedure shall be respected in the light of the immediate suspensions of the directives of algunos.

The vicegobernador mencionó that the Red de Salud Arequipa Caylloma may have preserved and has a tristezae that is comprised of cuando hay uni cantidad fuerte deteriorados.

Por consiguiente, adelantó the pedirá el retiro inmediato del director ejecutivo de dicha Red, Dember Francisco Muñoz Lozada. “Ya lo solicité anticipadamente y no se quiso escuchar. Voy a pedir su retiro otra ve es y espero que con todas las irregularidades encontradas, é solo pida su cambio ”, expresó.

Similarly, if you are going to be affected by the fiscal reductions of the Redes de Salud, you will be able to access the red alerts. "El nuevo nuevo está denunciando las irregularidades que detecta", manifesto.

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