Saturday , October 23 2021

Juan Sheput on the resignation of Guido Lombardi: It definitely affects the bench Policy


congressman Juan Sheput he regretted resignation this afternoon Guido Lombardi on the Peruvians' bench for Kambio (PpK) and said that this distance "definitely affects" the ruling group. The legislator stated that he believed that voting on the final report of the Lava Jato Commission justified the departure of the MP.

"We regret [la renuncia], and then Guido Lombardi he is a parliamentarist who worked with proofreading, successfully presented very good bills and this definitely affects the bench, but we hope that in the future we will be able to adapt to this situation, "he told CanalN.

"[[[[Lombardi]He points out that there were several voices he disagrees with, and it can be deduced that there were voices of some club members that were similar to those of Fuerz Popular and Apra. That could mean the distance – he said.

Sheput He claimed that in his biography he must show "sufficient immunity" in order to be able to reconstruct before the loss of the legislator.

He said that after this Peruvians for Kambio should "be more cautious about our voices, our political approaches, and especially how we face corruption."

"Resignation is a political gesture of a level that we can not underestimate in any way, the resignation of the group is a matter to be considered, in this case the resignation of Guido is principled," he said.

Congressman in the afternoon Guido Lombardi he gave up the Peruvian club for Kambio (PpK), arguing that there was "a small involvement in the government's parent lines", and from there "you can not give the president the support his goals deserve".

In this context, he considered the questionable adaptation of the ruling party to the "bancadas" vote, which seeks to shield political organizations in terms of crimes.

"I am not guilty of belonging to a group that has shown, with honorary exceptions, little attachment to the main government lines, so I have come to believe that the current position can not give President Vizcarra the support his goals deserve.", He maintained letter sent to his spokespersons already ex bancada.

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