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Joker: Noguchi and Larko Herrera hospital doctors analyze Joker profile | Mental health Society

After the success of movie Joker, Mental Health Specialists Analyze Lessons They Could Leave conspiracy.

Head of the Emergency Department of the National Institute of Mental Health (INSM) "Honorio Delgado – Fidejo Nogucci", Freddie Vazquez, the main character of the film, played by Aoakin Phoenix, is a person with mental problems subjected to a series of social and emotional pressures.

Elizabeth Rivera, director general of Victor Larko Herrera Hospital, agrees that abandonment and the violence he has been subjected to since childhood are crucial aspects of the character's transformation.

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But what aspects can we see in the film?

1. Social resentment can lead to antisocial behavior

For the psychiatrist of INSMArthur Schleck has a great deal of resentment over the hardiness with which he treated life.

“The character feels a great deal of resentment over the deprivation of things that every human being is entitled to receive (love, relationships, stability). This situation can lead to a person getting revenge or revenge on society, without justifying the killings that occur later, "the expert said. Andan.

He adds that the protagonist feels permanently ridiculed, however, that his decisions are not justified.

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2. Relationship with parents is key to achieving emotional stability

Elizabeth Rivera, director of Larko Ferrera Hospital, stressed the importance of the role that adults play in child care.

"It is essential for the mother to be emotionally stable, and in this case it was not. He is not someone who devotes himself to the child. He didn't help with self-esteem, in developing his self-concept, he is a woman delivering ambivalent messages, telling him that you have a mission to make the world laugh, but at the same time he tells you that you are not good for it, "the specialist said.

3. Without medical and social support, some people with mental health problems may lose their minds

According to the footage, Arthur Schlek proves that mental problems are unidentified, however, both specialists i agree that the diagnosis is not entirely clear.

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"He is aware of what he is suffering, but he is very misunderstood. There is a huge stigma towards people with mental health problems. Let us not forget the scene of the child on the bus, when his mum wants to do grace and the mother is scared. Then he gives a map explaining why he laughs like that, "the hospital director said. Larko Herrera.

Dr. Vasquez reminded that the situation is worsening when the therapeutic and pharmacological support it needs is removed.

The driver compared him to the image of aokeroker because of the Spaniard's "uncontrollable laughter".

4.- Physical violence and accidents can also cause brain damage

For Dr. Rivera, the film shows us a character abused since childhood, whose sequels are visible in adulthood.

"Let's not forget that (when he manages to steal the mother's medical report) he discovers that as a child he was found tied, malnourished, with evidence of violence. All of these situations cause brain damage, "he explained.

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He also suggested that some mental problems could be the result of external factors, including accidents involving serious head injury.

5.- No one is free to develop a mental disorder

"It has to deal with the stigma of the population with mental problems. Stop believing that allegedly crazy things will hurt them. It is important to support them and understand that, unfortunately, we are all capable of developing problem of this kind, ”commented the expert.

According to the World Health Organization, one in four people in the world will suffer a mental disorder at some point in their lives and that depression will be the second leading cause of disability in 2030.

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