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Inflation with the taste of chicken ceviche, by Rafael Hidalgo


Inflation with the taste of chicken ceviche, by Rafael Hidalgo

From the lighthouse

Author Rafael Hidalgo

In recent weeks, households in Lima have felt
an attack on the prices of a popular table.

What a devious plumfer, the chicken suddenly fly
raising the wholesale price in not less than 23%. According to the neighborhood,
public affects growth, which ranges from S /. 1st century
popular markets and may be S /. 3 near the south of Lima, where
customers hardly even look at their account.

On the other hand, the mythical land of the San Lorenzo Valley
registered an astronomical price of 10 pence per kilo on the Lima markets
(previously sold after 3 soles). Cuesta arriba also passes by hand
the onion with which the ceviche is finished, our potato,
avocado etc. The government justifies the increase due to the seasonality, delay
reconstruction, export, etc. To this end, Routes are collected
Lima, the danger of a metropolitan passage, a gas balloon and gasoline,
among others.

However, the National Institute of Statistics (INEI) reveals
inflation in Metropolitan Lima increased by only 1.84% in
last 12 months. As the official index goes up the stairs, while
food prices go up the elevator? This is related to the delay
ten years of the last study, up to 36,000 homes that light up this blessing
basket (ENAPREF 2008)?

Time changes consumption habits. This is necessary and urgent
update the weights and components of consumption habits. Why?
for example, in the years 1994-2005 the purchase of food,
which previously constituted about half of consumption (47,55%),
reduced to just over one-third (37.82%). We continued trading in lime
our priority in spending?

Of course, every day that passes, we become more aware
healthy eating, eating more vegetables and fruits, and eating less
flours, sugars and sodas. We also spend more on recreation. And in
meals outside the home. Finally, it is clear that this low inflation does not
stop causing relaxation and peace in the highest command of the BCR, a jealous guard
inflation, which before the recent increase in the exchange rate did not remain unchanged, because
According to their data, the price increase (without food)
is located at 2.46%.

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Published on Monday, November 12, 2018

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