Saturday , January 16 2021

Holy Week | Learn the benefits of fish consumption and how to recognize its freshness Trade | Technology and Science | Science

In Holy Week the consumption of fish and other marine products has become a tradition that stands out for their great contribution to food. All nutritional characteristics that make the fish recommended foods will be exploited to the extent that its safety is guaranteed.

According to Dr. Maria Marul, head of the Professional Career for Nutrition at the University of Peruana Caetano Ereda (UPCH), it is recommended that the fish be light red, bulging eyes, solid muscles, attached scales and smell of ice, preferably preserved in ice bed or frozen.

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Advantages of consuming fish

Fish is important food because it provides vitamins, proteins, minerals and polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 fatty acid, the basic nutrient for the body found in this type of food. "His muscle is soft and his digestion is fast, which favors consumption of six months for the child of older adults," he explained.

The nutritionist recommends eating fish 2 to 3 times a week: every 120 grams in children over 2 years, adolescents, adults and the elderly and 60 grams in children from 6 months to 2 years in various forms of preparation.

It is similarly commented that, unlike fats containing meat from other animals, which are saturated fat (bad cholesterol), the fish contains Omega 3 (good cholesterol).

It also helps to clean the veins of the plates that adhere to them and that cause rigidity that generates high blood pressure and the risk of heart attack or stroke.

"Because the baby is formed in his mother's womb, then, during breastfeeding, the consumption of the fish by the mother affects the formation of your brain and vision," he said.

He added that when a child begins his diet, he continues to use Omega 3 fats in brain development and vision membranes, a process that lasts up to about 19 years.

Omega 3 is found mainly in dark muscular fish (horse mackerel, anchovy, sardine, bonito, machete and mackerel), because they store this type of fat there.

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