Wednesday , June 16 2021

Google Maps: features you need to use when traveling. | Technology and Science | News

More than the kangaroo and passport, Google Maps plans to become the best traveler's friend.

In fact, the application has several features that can be of great help to the joggers of the world.

A common problem when visiting another place is transport. For luck, Maps facilitates the procedure. The application allows you to order Uber, Cabify or traditional fees without having to install them on your phone.

To use this option, you need to put the address and press "how to get" or "directions", according to The Observer. Google Maps He cares about the rest.

Another key point is security. It's easy to get lost in an unknown city, which becomes more complicated when you have rented a car.

Remembering where you parked the car does not have to be a problem. Google Maps lets you set the marker as a "parked car location". Ready, resolved.

Maps also allows you to know the hours of the classes in the city and when the places you plan to visit open. This information is the key to organizing the tour.

Another vital tool is to download the map, to navigate without a link. If you have not received an internet chip in the country where you are, it is always useful to download the map to your phone and to avoid losing bad times.

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