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Google and Apple Block Spy Device Introduced by Kazakh Authorities | Technology

Internet giants like Google and Apple, announced measures to block a security device introduced into the network by authorities Kazakhstan, for fear that it may be used to intercept data and information from Internet users.

Smartphone users in this Central Asian country were redirected last month to a website containing a message telling them to download the digital certificate "Punished", By the government, which triggered a viral reaction over the Internet.

The government, for its part, insisted downloading the certificate is mandatory, but one of the country's major mobile servers told its customers that it was "necessary" to install it.

Google said on Wednesday it would block the certificate in its most widely used Chrome browser in the world.

"It is inappropriate to use this mechanism to intercept public Internet traffic"He said Google.

A spokesman for Apple, on the other hand, offered by the Safari browser, pointed out that "took steps to ensure that Safari does not trust this certificate and that our users are protected from this problem"

"Apple believes that privacy is a fundamental human right"A company spokesman said.

Mozilla is also committed to blocking the Firefox Qaznet browser.

The former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan ** is characterized by disrespect for freedom of expression and human rights.

Neither the Ministry of Digital Development of Kazakhstan nor the National Security Committee (NSA), which defended the use of this certificate, could be contacted this Thursday to comment on the matter.

Source: AFP

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