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Gian Piero Diaz and Matthias Brivio started their first discussion in This Is War | Photo 1 of 3 | Shows

Gian Piero Diaz with its first discussion Matthias Brivio in This is a war after his arrival from Combat, ATV, where he caused an "earthquake" his departure, according to Magali Medina.

After the "triggers" of This is a war they won the point in which they celebrated dancing, but Mr. G. he did the count to start a new circle, something he claimed Gian Piero Diaz when the game is over

Although the team Gian Piero Diaz in This is a war He added the point again, the former Combat driver gave his point, because "celebration is part of every triumph." Given this, Matthias Brivio He replied to his new partner.

"I'll explain to you, Piero, how things work here after Mr. says:" 3,2,1 "they must be in place," he said. Matthias Brivio. These words created discomfort to Gian Piero Diaz

Claims Nicola Porchela Gian Piero Diaz, but the new driver of This is requested by Gerra that he did not intervene, because the discussion was between Matthias Brivio and him.

"The question should be discussed between you and me, beyond the rules that I will always respect, but that's our criterion because I do not want to gain an advantage (…) that if competitors are behind the celebration, it seems to me it's not fair that it's starting that way, "he said. Gian Piero Diaz

However, Matthias Brivio He also did not keep silent and replied that "there are rules" This is a war. "When Lord G says:" 3.2 and 1, "wherever they are, the match begins," added Maria Pia Copello's former partner.

"I know that we are just beginnings and we just get to know each other in the ride, but during the program they will look fair and of course," he replied. Matthias Brivio.

After the intervention of several participants This is Gera, Jian Piero Diaz He did not want to continue to argue, although he left a message he did not like Matthias Brivio.

"I understood, now I have to lose the skills that will be in my place," he concluded. Gian Piero Diaz

Gian Piero Diaz

Gian Piero Diaz versus Matthias Brivio in This is a war. (Video: America News)

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