Saturday , June 19 2021

Genetic advantages that will enable it to become a superhero? | Fun

Great achievements are made in science In recent years, hundreds of discoveries have discovered this there are genetic diseases and that just as there are diseases as well genetic advantages.

There is very little lucky people around the world who manage to develop some of the special abilities, genetic advantages arise due to a mutation, or a process that changes it DNA

One of them Features especial most commonly cold tolerance, because the normal body can not resist it extremely cold, the body of people has a temperature range between 36.5 and 37.5 ℃.

However, there are certain populations that your body has that capacity thanks to special genes developed, tribes like Inuits, who live in The Arctic, or Nenet, who live in the north by Russia, are customized to freezing temperature.

Genetic advantages are due to the mutations of DNA and as a result, the body of the members of these populations they have less sweat glands, The skin is much warmer than normal and metabolism has higher rates.

Another of the most common advantages that some manage to develop through changing DNA is to live with less hours of sleep, people with a gene DEC2 mutated have the ability to have a dream REM more intense, making it more than vacation short and effective.

Other at genetic advantages They are pretty hard to find, but it's not impossible to do; it's for aquatic vision perfect for the city's example Mocken, which lives in the sea of Andaman can be seen clearly when it is submerged under water; this ability causes the eyes to change the shape under the water, so they do it light refracted correctly.

Greater density in bones, As the body ages the skeleton loses its strength and bone mass, there is a mutation in the gene SOST what is happening completely what On the contrary, bones accumulate strength and mass over time; this mutation is present in some people of origin afrikaner (populations of Dutch origin living in South Africa).

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