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Fujimiristas visits Keiko in prison, then shields prosecutor Javari | People Power Congress of the Republic Ministry of Public Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges Rosa Barra | Karina Beta Krsula Latvia | Politics

By: Angel Pérez, Doris Aguire and Maria Elena Hidalgo

Before voting as members of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges, the charges against former Nation's prosecutor Pedro Javierri Valejos, People's Congressmen visited leader Keiko Fujimori in prison. Following these meetings, registered by the National Institute of Corrections (INPE), congressmen from Fujimorist dismissed up to five times the charges, among others, by the nation's prosecutor, Zorida Ivalos Rivera, for alleged serious crimes.

Unlike the hundreds of women in the annex of women in the Forilos prison, Keiko Fujimori enjoys the privilege of attending to legislators anytime they need. This prerogative allows Fujimorist congressmen to hold political co-ordination meetings before making decisions. Three Fujimori sources confirmed on People's Bench activities Republic that prison meetings should receive guidance on the importance of voting in cases relevant to Keiko Fujimori and that they are related to their judicial standing.

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Such as public knowledge, the Attorney General Pedro Javiri He was designated as a body affiliated with Fujimori, and received support from People's power, which explains that the aforementioned political group has dismissed numerous complaints against it.

Republic has documented that almost all members of Fujimori on Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges (2018-2019) met with Keiko Fujimori before rejecting a complaint against Pedro Jawriri, including a request for dismissal and prosecution.

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It was not known that Fujimori's members of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges had met with Keiko Fujimori in the annex of the Jorilos women's prison before voting on charges against Pedro Javari.

As can be seen in the box provided by INPE, based on reports of visits to the said prison, Karina Beta Rubin, Milagoros Salazar de la Torre, Judah Takayama Jimenez and Mario Mantila Medina went to prison shortly before voting against complaints to Hawari. Undoubtedly, it is no coincidence that Mantilla has now been appointed as the new chairman of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges, and has visited Kiko Fujimori eight times in 2019.

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On January 14 this year, Karina Beta and Milagoros Takayama voted against Javari's note-taking probe during the National Council of Magistrates (CNM) ratification process. It was not known that anything earlier Karina Beta Milagoros Takayama met with Keiko Fujimori, the first on January 1, 7 and 8, and the second on January 5.

On January 29, the same Subcommittee dropped a lawsuit against Javari filed by Attorney General Amado Enko, and Beta, Mandila and Salazar dropped the indictment. A few days before, Beta, Mandila and Salazar attended the jail to meet with Keiko Fujimori: Beta on January 14 and 21; Coat on January 10; and Salazar on January 17 and 26. Republic He called on all congressmen, some saying they were busy with legislative tasks, and others never responded.

Dome at Horilos

On April 2, the same Subcommittee filed a complaint against Javari over his notorious, apparently proven involvement in the illegal removal of his adviser's office to seize incriminating evidence. Beta, Mandilla and Salazar rejected the claim by voting. Only Beta, Mantilla and Salazar a few days before going to the Forilos Prison annex to talk to Keiko Fujimori: the first, on February 6 and March 8; the second, on February 25; and the third, on February 28 and March 16.

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"The meetings with Keiko Fujimori at Forilos Prison are political, everybody knows that. Just look at the voting results. The club is prison-run. They deny that. But if it's not true, why do they go to jail so often? you vote? ”said a source linked to the Fujimirist bench.

On June 10 this year, the Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges filed two of the three charges against the nation's prosecutor, Zorida Ivalos, with the votes of Caesar Segura and Milagoros Takayama.

Segura visited Keiko Fujimori shortly after, on June 17, but Takayama did so on June 5 and 8.

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And on May 28, when it was voted in plenary if the appeal against Javari was ratified or rejected because it participated in the unlawful removal of the office of its adviser investigated by the Special Lava Chateau, 10 lawmakers from People's Power They met with Keiko Fujimori in the annex of the Forilos prison where he is being held in pre-trial detention for alleged money laundering.

On May 21 and 28, just the same day as voting, Keiko Fujimori received his congressmen. For example, Crsula Letera Pereira went to jail at 21, 25 and 28 hours – on Election Day – to talk to Keiko Fujimori. Latona was one of 10 Fujimori who effectively voted against Javari's indictment. Safely protect.

Keiko's visitors to key positions

– Milagoros Salazar de la Torre, a congressman who visited Keiko Fujimori ten times this year, is now the official spokesman for Juventus Popult.

– Ratified President of the Constitutional Commission, Rosa Barra, has had interviews with its leader on 35 occasions between January and June this year.

– The new chairman of the Education Commission, Evangelical Tamar Arimborgo, has gone to Forilos four times to see Fujimori.

– Segundo Tapia Bernal, elected chairman of the key Steering Committee, met 27 times with Keiko Fujimori this year.

– And Milagoros Takayama, who was appointed chairman of the Budget Committee, was with Keiko Fujimori in Forilos this year at 31 opportunities.

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