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Former PNP director: "I'm another victim, they made me believe I'm my daughter" | Peru | Arequipa

Five days later, this Wednesday ended the hearing of a 36-month pre-trial detention, requested by the Public Prosecutor against 11 superiors of the "Human Trafficking" gang, accused of trafficking in children Arequipa.

After the presentation of the evidence gathered by the prosecution, as well as the presentation of the defense arguments, the judge of the First Court for Preliminary Investigation of the Court of Justice, Danica Sánchez Errera, gave the floor to each of the defendants.

The first to speak was former National Police Director Raúl Bechera Velardé, who remained nervous during the entire hearing. He said he was a victim in this case, as his partner, Cinthia Carolina Tello Preciado, cheated. He claimed that she had led him to believe she was pregnant and that she gave birth to her daughter when, in reality, the child was bought from a family. He said he had discovered the truth on the day of the intervention, on November 6th.

"That day, me, my partner, my eldest daughter and baby, and I asked the police about what the problem was, they told me that the baby was not my daughter and neither my partner, adopted a baby and as a general of the National Police. from having a girlfriend irregularly, I am another victim, they made me believe that she is my daughter, I feel deceived, I feel ridiculed, "she explained to the judge.

For her part, Cynthia Karolina Telo, accused by the prosecutor as the leader of the criminal organization, stood up and apologized to the general among the tears and admitted that he was not his daughter. She said she was pregnant, but after the way she lost her baby and in order not to lose her partner (in general), she took the baby and made her pass as her own.

"They gave me the baby, I did not give the sun, she is my daughter, I loved her, I gave her love, she had her room, two mansions and a castle." That day (from the intervention) was 6 months old and I was worried about his vaccines, I know that I did bad, but I love my two daughters and I love Mr. Becker, and again I apologize, we are not criminals, "the model admits.

At the end of the hearing, Cynthia Body fainted and when she managed to recover, she said the baby rescued by the National Police in her home was her daughter. The former director of the PNP, however, confirmed that his partner had committed him to a situation that had nothing to do with him, and that his lawyers began to challenge the child's registration. He said he would cancel the baby for a birth certificate, where Besera signed her as a daughter.

The Office of the Prosecutor against Organized Crime has accused Catherine Carolina Telo and Raul Beşera, as well as nine others, for crimes of human trafficking, a criminal organization and favoring abortion.

Judge Sanchez Errera will issue his resolution on Friday, 30th, at 03:30. The convicted defendants returned to prison in the judicial power, while the judge did not order release or their internment in the prison.

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