Sunday , October 24 2021

Facebook: Peruvian children of school age are registered as "Magneto" and girls from school are crazy FB | Face | Viral | Social networks trends


Video is a trend. The film published on Facebook cursed thousands of people who saw how a group of Peruvian kids decided to dance the song "Vuela, Vuela" with Magneto in the performance of his school, causing the hullabaloo of all girls in the educational institution.

"Not everything is lost, new generation 90", you can read in the description of this popular video, which was recently published on the website "Tonero Tonus 90 & # 39; S", who did not give much details about this virus that breaks it on Facebook.

As you can see in videothat in less than 24 hours they have already exceeded 5 million reproductions on Facebook, five Peruvian students put on the best clothes to characterize members of the Mexican group.

If you have never heard Magneto, you should know that this Mexican group has become well known in Latin Americaespecially in Peruat the end of the nineties, especially because of the theme "fly, fly".

Exactly, this song is what this group of students played in front of the entire school and as you can see video that the "break" on Facebook, girls from the campus shouted that the song was without a voice.

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