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Exchange rate: dollar price this Saturday, December 5, 2020, ATMP

The price of the dollar in Peru started today, Saturday, December 5, 2020, in 3.58 insoles, while in parallel market (exchangers), the price of the dollar is 3.59 unique purchase and 3.62 sale.

Exchange rate of a bank

On dollar exchange rate Today it is placed on 3.58 feet for purchase and 3.60 feet for sale, on the windows of the main banks in the country.

Parallel course

The exchange rate of the dollar from today in the informal market of Lima operates at 3.59 feet for purchase and 3.62 feet for sale.

Dollar in Okocha

The dollar in Okocha is quoted as the currency with the lowest price in the center of Lima. To access change, you just have to go Ironiron Eye.

How to convert from dollars to insoles?

In order to convert from dollars to feet, we show you a table with numbers from 1 to 5000 dollars.

Dollars (USD) to insoles (PEN)
1 dollar = 3.60 insoles
$ 5 = 18 insoles
$ 50.00 = $ 180.00 feet
$ 100.00 = 360.00 feet
$ 500.00 = 1,800.00 feet
$ 1,000.00 = $ 3,600.00 feet
$ 5,000.00 = $ 18,000.00 insoles

How to convert your feet into dollars?

Here is a table for converting insoles in dollars from 1 sole to 5000 soles.

Soles (PEN) to Dollars (USD)
1.00 insoles = $ 0.30
5.00 insoles = $ 1.50
50.00 insoles = $ 15.00
100.00 feet = $ 30.00
500.00 insoles = $ 150.00
1,000.00 insoles = $ 300.00
5,000.00 insoles = $ 1,500.00

How do you know if a dollar is fake?

Printing with ease

– This technique consists of moving the finger up and down the shoulder of Benjamin Franklin, the left side of the bill should feel rough when touched.

Water mark

– Every dollar has a faint image of Benjamin Franklin printed in the right space of the portrait that is visible when the bill is held against the light. The figure should be visible on both sides of the printed paper.

3D security tape

– Another way to see if the dollar bill is fake is the vertical blue bar on the right side of Benjamin Franklin’s picture, it must be knitted and not printed, you can tell when you move the bill, besides bells printed on the ribbon becomes 100 numbers and vice versa.

Bottle and ink

– You will also be able to see if it is true or false with the ink-printed bellows, which are wells used to sign the North American Declaration of Independence, this should change from copper to green when you move or tilt it. the account.

Lazy loaded component

What was the dollar variation this week?

Below you can see the trend of the Peruvian dollar during this week.

Dollar variation. Photo: capture.

Latest news from Peru

Congress repeals the agrarian law

Plenary session of Congress on Friday, December 4, it made a decision to repeal the Law on Agrarian Promotion after several days of protests by workers of agro-export companies. Demonstrations took place in the north and south of the country.

Parliament also ordered the creation of a multi-party commission tasked with creating a new norm that meets the demands of agricultural workers. This group will have a period of 15 days to create a new agrarian law.

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