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Everything has been indicated that there will be silence, but in the end the famous actor Demian Behir confirmed what is rumor: his wife, Stephanie Sherk, committed suicide after having been struggling against depression for a long time.

"When a person dies in a hospital in the United States, his chances of becoming a coroner's case are virtually fact." A forensic investigation is then carried out to determine the cause of death and to be specified in the death certificate. This information is publicly owned. The medical examiner-coroner of Los Angeles County completed the investigation related to my wife's death and announced the public. With courage, dignity and love for our beloved Stephanie we confirmed We had the hope that we have enough time to heal and continue with our pain before we discuss this issue that affects so many people around the world. This is a very serious affliction and in many cases as now, invisibly, for people in a terribly dark place. Depression has taken the lives of many beautiful, beautiful and talented people like my beloved wife, Stephanie, "said the 55-year-old actor.

And he adds: "The nightmare in the last days can be alleviated only if we manage to translate our pain and sorrow into a message that awakens an even greater awareness of this issue, all over the world, to hope that it can save other lives, will be treats several questions, I promise, from the mysterious functioning of the human mind, to the crying failures of our health system, how are the complex paths in the acting career to deal with the actors. How could we find incredibly cautious and talented doctors, nurse social workers, paramedics, policemen, and the empathy of others with similar pain, right in the middle of this emotional tornadoes, I will be more excited about this experience as the days pass and cure. "

In the second part of her statement posted on Instagram, she says: "Stephanie was an extraordinary daughter, a generous and loving sister, a loyal, bright and funny friend and a dignified, elegant and talented actress, she was the perfect wife for me.Sulmathe, my best friend , I fell under her magic the first time I saw her, it was the same effect she caused all the people she knew. "The actor says he and his family were destroyed:" Once again we ask your understanding so that we can live this duel in peace and privacy in the you are sad and difficult moments. " Any statement on this topic will be made with this. the signs of love and solidarity from all of you, Stephanie's life and heritage, are much larger than what drove us to leave us so fast, we love you deafly, Stephanie Sherk. "

The house on a floor owned by the couple had a wonderful swimming pool in the center. According to US media, Stephanie was found dead at that place.

The 37-year-old actress and model found the actor at the bottom of her pool. He decided to die dearly.

Days earlier, Demian sent a message to his Instagram account stating his wife died in complete peace. The version contradicts information published by court doctors in Los Angeles, which suggests that the actor wanted the case to be private.

The incident occurred on April 12th. The blast reported that the actor found him at the bottom of the pool when he returned from the supermarket.

The nurses managed to revive the Canadian but died eight days later at the hospital, according to reports.

The causes of his death are asphyxia and anoxic encephalopathy, in which the brain tissue is deprived of oxygen.

Mexican actor Demian Bichir was nominated for an Oscar for best actor for his role in the film "Better Life" in 2012. He participated in dozens of films and Mexican soap operas. He was a husband

In 2013, Bichir won the role of a co-star, along with Diane Krueger, in the American series Most.

The couple met in 2010, the year they started a relationship.

Although initially they had no wedding plans, they married three years ago.

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