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Chile lost 3: 2 with Costa Rica in Rancagua VIDEO | Summary of Chile vs. Costa Rica | Total Sport | World football

Costa Rica he ruined the night Chile with a great triumph at home 3-2, in a friendly match against Copa América next year he played in the El Teniente field in the city of Rancagua, neighboring Santiago.

A double pass from Kendall Waston and Ronald Matarrita's third goal again showed the superiority of the tico team over Australia, which in the last minutes was able to be discounted with great effort thanks to Sebastián Vegas and Alexis Sánchez goals.

Chileans have collided since the beginning of the match with the combined Costa Rican team, whose counterattacks have always been a threat to the goal defended by Johnny & Herrera.

Chile vs. Costa Rica

Chile vs. Costa Rica: summary of the game. (Video: YouTube)

On 26th minute Arturo Vidal went to Junior Fernandes, who shed the left zone and focused on Sebastian Paredes, who did not reach the ball for centimeters.

However, the visiting team continued to dominate in large fragments of the pitch and thus opened the scoring by Jonathan McDonald (m.29) and Joel Campbell (m.32).

And that was the pitcher in the water, that 35 minutes after the Ticos bend between Enzo Roco and Sebastian Vegas could not neutralize Waston, who jumped higher and scored the first goal in the Costa Rican team.

In the next minutes before the end of the first part, the Chilean team, led by the Colombian Reinaldo Ruedas, had some chances, but the lack of experience in the goal did not allow him to move the marker.

In the second half of Chile, he jumped on the pitch with intensity and attacked continuously in the first minutes with Alexis Sanchez with hunger on goal.

However, the men of Ronald Gonzalez were inspired and after 58 minutes the corner of Campbell again bounced off Gary & # 39; Medel, the ball hit the post, and the rejection was taken by Waston, who increased the score for the team from Costa Rica.

In the next minutes the visiting team turned into a nightmare for Chileans and it was like in the 63rd minute Ronald Matarrita, after a great race and without Óscar Opazo could stop him and decree the third goal for Ticos.

The Australian team reacted seven minutes later when Sanchez made a foul, which for the first time nodded to Isla and eventually repeated Sebastian Vegas, pushing the ball into the goal.

In the 81st minute Sanchez missed a penalty without a shot and Esteban Alvarado went down with his feet.

When everything seemed lost, in the 89th minute Sanchez received an application from Lorenzo Reyes and used his mistake, scoring the second goal for an unknown Chilean team.


Choice Chile will seek to consolidate before similar Costa Rica generational change in which Colombian trainer Reinaldo Rueda works. Follow minutes and minutes, statistics and goals of a friendly international FIFA.

Meeting with the tico team will serve "La Roja" to strengthen the mixed composition between historic players such as Arturo Vidal (Barcelona) or Alexis Sánchez (Manchester United), and promising young people such as midfielder Erick Pulgar (Bologna-ITA) or defender Benjamín Kuscevic (Catholic University).

Chile vs. Costa Rica ONLINE LIVE | Timetables in the world

6:15 – Mexico, Costa Rica (TD7)
7:15 – Peru, Ecuador, Colombia
7:15 – United States (New York +1, Washington +1, Florida +1, Nevada -2)
8:15 – Venezuela, Bolivia
9:15 am – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile (Chilevisión)
22:15 hours – Brazil
00:15 Saturday – Great Britain
01:15 hours on Saturday – Spain, Germany, Italy, France

It will also be the first opportunity for Rueda to show his work in Chilean countries, because so far the parties led by Colombians were abroad.

Game against Costa Rica It will also be clear if Chile is able to add a second victory in a row after the match against Mexico (0-1) on October 16.

On the side of the combined tico, friendly against "La Roja" will be an opportunity to break the losing streak, which stretched for many months with nine games, not knowing victory, the worst in the history of the choice of Central America.

Costa Rica he is immersed in the renewal process and although he signed a contract with Uruguayan Gustavo Matosas, Uruguayan does not yet occupy the Costa Rican bank. He is supposed to attend a meeting in Rancagua, about 90 kilometers south of Santiago.

On the spot will be temporary Ronald Gonzalez, who has doubts about one of his credentials, striker Bryan Ruiz (Santos-BRA). First, he trained differently on Wednesday.

Other serious casualties include the lack of goalkeeper Real Madrid, Keylor Navas and midfielder Norweg Brann, Deyver Vega, due to injury.

Chile vs. Costa Rica | Possible settings:

Chile: Johnny Herrera; Benjamín Kuscevic; Guillermo Maripán; Enzo Roco, Jean Beausejour; Gary Medel, Arturo Vidal, Erick Thumb; Alexis Sánchez, Ángelo Sagal, Esteban Paredes. DT. Reinaldo Rueda.

Costa Rica: Esteban Alvarado; Ian Smith, Giancarlo González, Óscar Duarte, Ronald Matarrita; Allan Cruz, Celso Borges, José Cubero, Bryan Ruiz; Joel Campbell, Jonathan McDonald.
DT. Ronald Gonzalez.

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