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BHP alert no agitations for mineral hierro | Empresas

The compact minera has a great deal of potential to get through the precious minerals of the hierro with no camino por recorrer.

The BHP Group says its habitat is “volatilidad considerable en los precios"En el futuro, ya que mercado marítimo sigue ajustándose a la interruptions del suministro luego del desastre minero de Brasil en enero.

The information is the result of the todo on the marriages, the gigante minero seal that the condominiums of the "altitude incidents" durable the proximity of the existence of the mainstream of the continent reduciated in 2019 unprecedented degrees ”Frente a los de fines del 2018.

La clara advertencia de BHP, which produce alrededor of 7% of mineral waste, that is present in the primary material required for the manufacture of acrylic in a turbulence precursor that is precisely controlled by the precursor in any one of the revisions. en mercado bajista is the middle.

"How do you get any current resurfacing of Brazilian exporters just for the sake of precision equilibrium from a long distance, anticipating the normalization process of a variety of events?" Huw McKay, vicepresidente de análisis de mercado y economía de BHP, in one of the perspectives that are the result of the compilation.

Caída de los precios

Los futuros comes out mineral de hierro In Singapore, it is planning to continue its operations in the area of ​​marz, as a result of the extra production and debilitating production in China, the main usuario del mundo.

Contrast this with a 30% discount on shipping in July, priced at US $ 120 but with tons of interruptions due to a deployment delay in a Vale SA operation in Brazil that may or may not be productive. mundial.

Incidentally, there is an overwhelming need to recuperate permanently and Vale is under pressure to reactivate a single capacitor. Samarco Mineração SA, with the hope of conjuring up between Vale and BHP that are about to end in 2015, in the wake of a collapse anterior to a repression, the list is now being reviewed for proximity operations.

As it is probable that the precise reference of the materials to the primer of the fabrication of the acrylic but resulting in the marginal cost of a distant plate, BHP espera observar precios más bajos est año financiero, dijo. Morgan Stanley y Capital Economics Ltd. predicen que los precios caerán est año y en 2020, mientras que Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Including a product that is resurgently priced at a premium is just over US $ 100 per tonne in the corto plaza.

Sorpresa de acero

The repertoire of mineral hierro is the first semester of audiobook production of acero record in China. There are no issues with the production or delivery of any of the sites that are currently being debated and included in negative reviews.

"Nos ha sincereste de fuentes de demo de uso finale en China et las elevadas production de la acompañado", dijo BHP en la perspectiva. The sector of maquinaries that do not fall under the expectation of disintegration, dijo.

La minera di su caso bas es qui acero china production "ha ve in a facet of meseta, con el maximo literal quam ut a tardar a mediados de la proxima decada".

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