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Bad odor of the bosom: How to remove home remedies?

For treatment of bad smell on the bosom there various therapeutic methods. Treatment should be selected for man's lifestyle and feeding, because the treatments do not constitute all people. In some cases it is important consider genetic factors.

Steps to eliminate the bad odor from the bosom

– Prepare infusion of thyme or rosemary and is applied in the armpits

– Mix vinegar with alcohol and apply after bathing with a towel

– Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with lemon liquid and apply it after bathing

– Wash your bosom at least twice a day with antibacterial soap.

– Use antiperspirant deodorant to reduce your sweating sweat.

– Wipe the hair from the bosom to eliminate the bacteria and the dry sweat that adhere to them.

– Attention to the diet (eat fiber rich products) -> Fruits, vegetables and whole grains

– Treat skin problems that can perpetuate the smell, such as mycosis.

– Definitive elimination of the hair from the armpits.

In extreme cases:

– Use of topical antibiotics in the armpits, such as clindamycin or erythromycin.

– Liposuction for removal of apocrine glands on the armpits.

– Laser treatment of apocrine glands.

Factors that contribute to the bad smell of the bosom

– The type and amount of bacteria present on the skin.

– Excessive sweat.

– Weak personal hygiene.

– Obesity

– Diabetes mellitus

– Smoking

– Mycosis in the bosom.

– Excess consumption of some foods, such as onions, curry, garlic or pepper.

– Excessive consumption of alcohol.

– Antibiotics like penicillin.

What is the reason for the bad smell of the bosom?

Pot in the bosom is odorless, produced by sweat glands calls eccrine and apocrine.

On eccrine glands they are the most common, 99% of these glands is composed of water and 1% mineral salts such as sodium chloride and urea. Its main function of this gland is to control the body temperature.

On apocrine glands They are specific in the bosom, the groin, around the nipples and the anus. These glands occur between 8 and 14 years old and create a kind of sweating sweat, which does not have a function of controlling body temperature, so it produces a bad odor.

Note: If your arm is dark, know your home remedies to clarify in a short time.

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