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Aryoz on Del Solar's statements after PKK resignation: "I find it very uncomfortable"

The Vice President of the Republic, Mercedes Arios, responded this week to the head of the cabinet, Salvador del Solar, who considered the legislator's resignation also to the group Peruvians from Cambio It was articulated to leave the ruling party on the bench.

In statements for the week Panorama, Arios considered the words that the head of the Council of Ministers hit on Continuation of the news from News about RPP, because he explained that it was a decision he made, because of all the problems the office bench was facing.

"I think it's embarrassing to say the least, I'm not telling the prime minister when he resigns. I think some time ago we were manifesting from the first day when I heard about the president's proposal, I went to the press and that didn't change my attitude. I was very clear when I said what I thought about the topic of election progress because I said we were elected for a five-year term, "he said.

About the situation in the Peruvians from Cambio

The envoy also explained that there had been "very great difficulty" within Cambio's Peruvian bench for several months and that there was no plan to leave the Executive without a bench.

He added that all of these disagreements had become unsustainable and that everything had reached a breakthrough on July 28 when President Vizcarras announced the progress of the election.

"There was no plan to leave without a bench, because there are finally benches that support them. There are lefties, there are liberals and there are a few benches that support their eyes. We were not informed of this president's decision on July 28 and we were quite consistent with the executive's support, "he said.

Report arbitrary dismissals

Arihoz also said he did not intend to leave the vice presidency and would vote against President Wizark in the case of vacancies. However, He denied that he felt hostile towards him from the Executive, after all his staff in the Vice President's office were arbitrarily dismissed.

"Unfortunately, there were events that you would never expect, for example, untimely and unjustified dismissal of my media advisorharassment of my secretary. I mean, they leave me without staff, "he said.

"We were three people plus two soldiers from the military house, two soldiers who were hit. I don't know who he comes from, I think he has to be a volunteer in the office that is allowed to make that decision. I hope he is not president"He said.

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