Friday , May 14 2021

Arequipa: More than 10 dead and at least 21 injured left-of-the-road bus diver to the ravine in La Pazana | Photo 1 of 4 | National

More than 10 dead and dozens injured left the clutter and overturned an intercity bus of the Imperial Company to the height of Pascana in Jura, Arequipa.

A public transport plate V0C961 was sent Arequipa towards Apurimak, but fell into a ravine over 100 meters.

The wounded, with the help of firefighters and the National Police in Peru, were transferred to the San Juan de Dios clinic and the Hospital Honorio Delgado Espinoza.

To the crash site inside Arequipa arrived, in addition to ambulances, calm from the communes of Cerro Colorado and Jura to help transfer the injured.

Although the reason for the oversight has not been determined, it is assumed that the interprovincial bus was crashed frontally in a trailer that caused the accident.

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