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Apple will buy a new three-dimensional camera for iPhone 2020 Technology and Science | mobile phones

Apple intends to start iPhone with a more powerful 3-D camera next year, deepening the company's efforts in the world of increased reality, according to people close to this subject.

The back and larger camera is designed to scan the environment and create three-dimensional reconstructions of the real world. It will run to a radius of approximately 4.5 meters from the device, detailing faces.

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This contrasts with the current 3-D iPhone system that is frontal and works at a distance of 25 to 50 centimeters as part of the Face Recognition feature.

Apple's new system uses a laser scanner instead of current point-projection technology that does not function for longer distances, according to sources that have asked not to reveal their identity.

It is one of several new features, including a more advanced third camera, enhanced imaging tools and a more powerful chip that Apple plans to include in the next generation of iPhones, they added.

The 3-D camera will enhance iPhone's growing reality, allowing a more precise perception of the depth and location of virtual objects.

The sources added that it could also allow photographs that could better capture the depth.

Apple is talking with Sony about the ability to test sensors for the new system, explains one of the people.

Virtual Reality Vs. Increased reality

While virtual reality submerges the user in the digital world, the growing reality builds up images and data in the real world's vision. It is thought that there is attraction to the mass market wider than virtual reality, and Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the opportunities offered.

The camera of iPhone 2020 It could be a prelude to the headphones for an increased reality that Apple is preparing for the next year, at best.

A spokeswoman for Apple declined to comment on the company's plans.

Source: Bloomberg

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