Monday , January 18 2021

Andrea San Martin cries after liposuction: “I prefer to give birth a thousand times in one day”

Totally sick, so it reappeared Andrea San Martin after having liposuction. The former reality girl told in her stories on Instagram that she had difficulties due to the problems she suffers in her column.

“I am fine, very well, nothing else hurts. (…) The worst thing is that the pain from the operation is controlled because they take care of you, but because my spine hurts so much, the position I had to be in hurts my spine. I cried like a baby “said Andrea San Martin in Instagram.

The former reality girl wrote that she “prefers to give birth a thousand times in one day.” “Coming out of this, I’ll really look at the therapies for my back, because it was a pain he never discovered. “I can not change my position because I obviously have to be on my back because of the operation.”

Andrea San Martin of Anuel AA

On the other hand, Andrea San Martin told a funny anecdote about what happened in the operating room, where she was asked which song she would like to hear while sedating. “They touched me listening to Anuel AA, it was very funny,” he said with a laugh as he complained of pain.

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