Sunday , October 24 2021

Alejandra Baigorria downplays criticism from his classmates


Alejandra Baigorria sent a direct message after she was criticized by Nicola Porcella, Rafael Cardozo and Ayrton García

In the last issue "This is war". Alejandra Baigorria "exposed" Nicola Porcella, Ayrton García and Rafael Cardozo say that he heard how badly they talk about her in the program's changing rooms.

After this busy moment La & # 39; Rubia de Gamarra & # 39; she talked to América Espectáculos and said she was only laughing at this criticism and that these criticisms are not new.

"They always do it because, really, when you live your life, you do not care." Actually, you do not take time to cut, I laugh in reality, you know that the woman's maturity is always a bit older "- said the" pretender " .

"When you're so sure and everything goes so well, I think you really have to come up with everything that will tell you," added the businesswoman who suffered an arm injury during the competition.

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