Monday , June 14 2021

Alan García: the judge assessed the application for an obstacle in leaving the country for the former president Policy

Judge Carlos Sanchez Balbuena, from the Second Anticorruption of the Investigative Court, examined on Saturday an 18-month request for an obstacle to leave the country for the former President Alan García, formulated by the prosecutor's office to examine the tender for the 1-meter line in Lima (sections 1 and 2) Odebrecht.

Prosecutor of the Lava Jato team, José Domingo Pérez, who has applied for a restrictive measure against Garcia, he said that there are signs of an alleged "illegal conciliation act" in which the previous president and other investigators would be "who, as top officials, favored the company Odebrechtthat formed the Tren Eléctrico consortium. "

For the prosecutor, "acts of conversion, transfer, possession and concealment" took place. It's after the former president received $ 100,000 Odebrecht, through Estudio Espinola Consultoría Jurídica, for organizing the conference in Brazil in 2012.

Pérez received documentation this week Odebrecht in which they point out that the money paid to the former agent came from field 2 of the structural operations department. It should be remembered that the construction company decided that the money in box 2 was illegal.

"This amount would be an illegal asset that would have been generated if he held the office of President of the Republic as a result of a collusion agreement he came to with officials from Odebrecht in the tender processes of the Tren Eléctrico-line 1 -trash 1 and 2 projects, "the prosecution maintains its assignment.

Judge Sánchez invited the parties to participate in the hearing from 15 at the headquarters of the court branch in the Carlos Zavala building in the center of Lima.
Erasmus, Reyna, Alan's lawyer Garciahe announced Trade that the former president will not go on stage to "not be necessary" with his presence.

Reyna also confirmed that he submitted a request to the prosecutor Pérez and judge Sánchez, in which he agreed with the request for an obstacle to leave the country.

"I inform your office about a complete search of the order," said the document.

At the same time, the president of the judiciary, Victor Prado Saldarriaga, denied yesterday that there was political persecution in court cases.

"The judiciary is never doing and there will never be political persecution," he said.

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