Friday , January 15 2021

A cure for lifestyle

[email protected] | Ensenada, British Columbia

Two of the professors at the UABC School of Health Sciences (ECS) have joined the first specialization course in life medicine, a 140-hour specialization course organized by Ricardo Palma de Lima University in Peru. Latin American Association for the Medicine of Life (Lalma).

Patricia Radila Chvez, director of the ECC Ensenada campus, explained that it was Ricardo Palma University’s School of Humanities that contacted the UABC to apply for the membership of Fabiola Flores Monsivis, an internal medicine specialist, and Jorge Maxifillo and Jorge de Castillo course professors.

I note that the experience of ECS Lifestyle Medicine has enabled the goals of the UABC Home Internationalization Program to grow vigorously and directly in other countries with common interests with this new trend. professional practice, such as the cases of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru, and to name a few.

Strengthening higher education and research in thematic areas related to education, humanities, social sciences and exact sciences are the guidelines of the Internationalization at Home program, which have been explored since the first approaches with Ricardo University. Palma, I commented.

Radila Chvez noted that there is a growing interest among UABC students to learn more and more about this type of science-based medicine, as it has been proven for several years, in various research and educational centers, the comprehensive treatment of chronic degenerative diseases in the global environment and by applying the reality of our country.

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